Sunday, February 8, 2009

06 February 2009

Five minutes into first game of Rugby. Was out at practice the next day.  He got his Badge of Honor...and ate it for a post nose bleed snack.

Time to get back on the board, let's, or shall I say, lets*, not waste time...


Max Snatch 

For those of you that have been following this blog, y'all know that I have posted concerns regarding my 'shrinking ass'.  I have come to accept this.  Reasoning: My body type fits a purpose.  I am a Rambling Man.  In the past two years I have moved from event from style from motivation; moved through life with an evolving singular purpose.  

That evolving purpose has, like all growth and aspiration, a foundation or roots which is not evolving and is in fact completely set.  

I want to live
To grow
To love
To be loved
Live my fascinations,
Without sickness but Well being
I volunteer my forever lasting 
True hearted Wanting

Goodness, lets get back to the Snatch. 

I have been following Crossfit since almost 2005. The Snatch is a lift I have rarely delt with.  I heart cleans, my PR is #195 (BW #165), and I don't know, I just have never really spent time doing overhead squats or snatches.  

I had a hockey game this night, considering my 'shrinking ass' and the fact that I had not been in the gym for a solid time I figured to go in and do a nice 5x5 set of heavy backsquats and see what weight I could straighten out.  Funny thing about going into the gym on a Friday evening, hoping to go out for an exciting evening, I wanted to do something exciting with the weights as well.  Thoughts on Squats quickly turned into thoughts on Snatches (put your mind in the gutter here), and I was happy with the outcome. ;)

I Snatched #125 comfortably, failed twice on #135.  I am not upset at all.  My form could use much work, and I am confident that, with some tweaking form will, account for much addition of weight. What a great movement.  The fact that after Snatching #125 more that once I got light-headed after each lift, the power prescribed from the move more than solidifies the fact that Snatchin' is Amazin'. 

Nothing To It'ers.  My birthday is Tuesday. I expect y'all to show up and come ready to have yourselves a most magical birthday WOD.  The best gift y'all can give me is meeting Pukie, well, that would be cool, but  at least I hope to see y'all out.  

* Apostrophe's/Apostrophes: Personally, they are a nuisance but get the job done. Read This. Again those British are stirring the most frequented waters.