Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reengaging the Blogosphere - A New Mission Statement

Russian Landscape Painting - Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC. Forget who it was by but I liked it.

Just about two months have passed since my last post - and that is quite a bit of time in the world of blogs I suppose - or in any world for that matter these days.  

Let me begin by saying that I have been busy and under circumstance.  Physically, since just about the time of my last post, I have dealt with a pulled left hamstring, a sprained left knee - which I am still reminded of time to time - and a rolled left ankle.  Travel has been quite extensive with visits all over the Mid West and Deep South.  Work has been busy, I sought refuge in nightlife, it has rained a lot, there have been a lot of good movies coming out, a bird pooped on my car.  Let me finish by saying... I have been lazy. 

However, I have been lazy in posting only because circumstance has changed.  This blog was originally created to follow a group of dudes learning and pursuing the efficacy of Crossfit.  That is no longer and the dudes have gone their own ways. Perhaps a fault of the programming - that would be me - or perhaps a condition of timing or...whatever. 

Anyways, writing is fun and there is always something to share - I want to write and I'll write what I want - so allow me to reengage into the blogosphere, with no thought or theme, but a direction that will develop in time. 


Nena said...

Well I hope you don't quit writing - how else would I get to know that a bird pooped on your car? :D

Brett said...

Yes, I write about what really matters.