Friday, December 5, 2008

05 December 2005 - - The Gang is Back to Work!!!

Yes! The gang is back; some have endured the hiatus in blazing sun, dazzling blue skies, warm winds and ocean tides; others, long dark and local cold times.

WOD: Let's call it a 'Furious Forty'

For Time...

40 second L-Sit
40 Front Squat 75#
40 Burpees
40 SDHP 75# (Sumo Deadlift High Pull)
40 second L-Sit

L-Sits can be done by various manners (Hanging, on the dip bars, floor, on raised platform) but the idea is to hold your legs out as close to a 'L' as possible. Progressive substitutions would be to first hold to knees out to the 'L' position, and as proficiency grows to gradually extend the leg(s) out to the true 'L' position. From here one can progress to the 'V' position as seen in most gymnastic competitions (this position not only requires a tremendous amount of strength to hold as one needs to hold the hips almost in front of the hands in a counterweight like hold, but an above average Pike flexibility is also required). Very Cool, L-Sit and flexibility practice will get you here and I have heard and do not doubt that if you can hold this then any ab work otherwise would be a piece of cake.

Glad that we could get together today. It would seem that the next few weeks will be trying, accommodating people getting married and all that, but nonetheless after such a long time being out of touch, really great work by everybody.

Brett: 13.54
Sam: 18.36
Steven: DNF (Did Not Finish after twenty or so burpees)

We'll meet again on Monday, say same time as this time.

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