Monday, December 29, 2008

27 December 2008 - - Dudes In A Gymnastics Gym

- Your video upload did not complete -

Hmph...No Shit...well, I refuse to post any further articles until this gets resolved.  Here is a picture to look at in the meantime.

Nevermind, that did not work either, whatever, we'll see about that, this blog won't get the best of me...I put the 'NUT' in 'Nuthing To It'

Hi Ho

Steven coming out of the Handstand

Yes, so that worked! Now on to the other...

The Unattempted...Attempted from Brett Markwort on Vimeo.
 - filmed and directed by Steven

Haha, Sons of Bitches, Nothing To It.

By the way, Steven and I had a lot of fun performing the WOD and then playing around in the Gymnastics Gym.  Crossfit St. Charles will host a workshop solely in the Gymnastics Gym on the 11th of January 2009 from 9am - 12noon for a cost of $15.  I plan on attending, I hope y'all do too. 

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