Wednesday, January 7, 2009

30 December 2008

Burpee Race. Oh, the thoughts I had on this one. It was not much of a race. Sam was out of town, Steven was amiss, but Herbie and I went forth, and hopped our way around the track, sucking wind the entire time.

Herbie Burpee'ng for Distance from Brett Markwort on Vimeo.
- filmed & Directed by Brett

My idea for our final workout of the year 2008 was to have ourselves a burpee race, one lap around the track (~150m), advancing only by the jumps following a burpee, with a twist...complete 5 Handstand Pushups and 25 Squats at each turn, beginning the race with said exercises thus finishing with a final glorious Burpee.

It was not much of a race, Herbie got winded early but great work, and finished 3/4 of the track in 20:30 and ~ 45 Burpees. I completed the track in 11:30 and ~ 50 Burpees (I lost count a bit). I had fun, adding the distance factor to doing Burpees really makes you jump more forcibly than you would staying in place.

Hopefully we can do this again when we are all together, hopping around in front of those on the treadmills made me feel a little self conscious, albeit I was too busy inhaling air and wiping sweat to care. I am sorry though if I made a few look up from their TV's or magazines. Just imagine what a scene it would be for four guys, Burpeeing their way around the track, it makes me...giggle...just a little bit.

A good WOD to end the year.

Up Next in the WOD Queue: Crossfit HQ has put up a brand new WOD under the date 08 January 2009 that has got me thinking. I would like to try it, some scaling may be in order, but I really don't know how I would handle it as my pullup strength should be better. I guess its right up my alley then. We'll give this one a try.

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