Saturday, January 31, 2009

31 January 2009

Economic downturn and Worldwide fiscal woes, Whatever; Thanks to one upbeat 'look at the bright side' British man; I can now sleep and walk about my dwelling at peace.

I just could not stop imagining this...

From the BBC headlines:  Man trapped by sofa sipped whiskey

Note the picture posted above.  One step ahead of you buddy!

Honestly, have you ever imagined your sofa as an area of concern for your safety.  It is supposed to be a place of comfort everlasting.  A location in your confines that you wish to spend less time in, but happily give a few more minutes, and a refuge and safe haven from those nights you simply cannot, do not wish or are forced to make your usual nest. 

I really do not know what to say about this...giggle...I certainly hope that when I come of age I will not be subdued by a sofa of all things.  I do understand that certain enticing centers for relaxation carry quite the load with their fold out mattresses and hidden coolers, but I do hope, should I ever find myself taken down by a resentful sofa, old stale crumbs in my face along with stains and smells I eliminated with a 180 degree turnover, that I should be well enough to squirm and shrimp my way out of said treacherous cavern of fabric and into the kitchen for a leisurely shot of my favorite drink.  Much rather than some awkward sipping, for dear life, of my previous sinning that just happened to linger in between myself and my weight. 

Regardless, you have to hand it to those British, they sure are a humorous and happy lot. 

BTW: This is still a Crossfit influenced Nothing To It'ers blog, we simply have not gotten together or done any WOD's in quite the while.


Steven said...

I'm back in the game. After battling a chest/rib injury during my honeymoon I am ready to change my flabbiness and become the Franz to your Hanz. I can't work out tonight but I can hit the gym to start the process of getting back into shape tomorrow (Wednesday) either in the morning or evening after. You guys in?

Brett said...

chest/rib injury? honeymoon? Are you allowed to talk about this?

Not a lot has happened since your departure. With my schedule now my only open day is Tuesday and then or anyother day I usually don't want to go. But I will if we can all get together. Definitely nag on Sam and Herbie to get them going, they won't go by themselves.