Monday, January 19, 2009

19 January 2009

The most recent trip, this was the best picture I took, Dulles Airport Washington, DC approximately 0800; ugh, all this traveling is beginning to weaken my positive vibes.

It's another lonely evening
And another lonely town
But I ain't too young to worry
And I ain't too old to cry
When a woman gets me down...

But I know what I'm gonna do -
I'm gonna ride on
Ride on
Ride on, standing on the edge of the road
Ride on, thumb in the air
Ride on, one of these days I'm gonna
Ride on, change my evil ways...

Wow, thanks AC/DC.  In that case, and along with the fact that I will actually be in the STL for sizable period of time, I have decided to commit to something that scares me to even think about. Butterflies....but beautiful butterflies.  Arnold World Grappling Championship.

This tournament takes place 07 March 2009 in Columbus, Ohio.  This gives a good solid seven or so weeks to train up.  I will be training up with Ronin MMA.  I have been training with these guys & girl, off and on, for the most part of the past year.  I have no doubt that they can take me to true competition level.

Nothing To It'ers, this event is not something that I can simply walk into with the thought, let's go suck at something, lest I wish to become physically known as damaged goods.  The bar is high, a tremendous challenge that demands time, effort, sweat and a few loose marbles.  I am ready to give the former, thankfully, I already have the latter. 

Sam, you have come a long way since we first got started with Crossfit back in August. I hope you agree.  I will be happy to post WODs and train with you when I can.  My schedule as it stands would include training Mon & Wed nights and Sun morning (but the workload will most likely increase as the tournament draws nearer) and I am also committed now to Kirkwood Rugby and training days of Mon & Thurs afternoons and Saturdays. 

I am completely confident that you have learned and experienced enough, you have done many nitty and nasty gritty workouts, that you can continue to develop your fitness Crossfit style on your own when the situation calls for it.  You will simply have to avoid being a Sack of Shit.  

Herbie is on the Disabled List & Steven I believe is still off in honeymoon land.  Realize the satisfaction of doing something beyond your comfort level and giving your all, and then WOD it up. 

Thoughts or comments?  You know where to post them.  Posts make me happy.

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