Monday, January 11, 2010

11 January 2010 - Kirkwood Rugby Vs. Crossfit

The Rugby Crew: They're legs must be achin' (Ely, Christian, Dan, Dan #2, Dan #3)

Today, Monday 11 January two thousand and diez, a few members of Kirkwood Rugby got their first dose of the koolaid. Crossfit Kirkwood has graciously opened their doors to the Kirkwood Rugby club, and a demanding first workout of the season will hopefully spur not only greater fitness for all committed athletes, but also contribute to an exciting and successful upcoming spring season.

The workout session started light and cheerful. How can you not walk into a Box and not immediately want to play and throw medicine balls at people. A little warm up on the rowers, a bit of a stretch, skill instruction on Squat and Press technique and soon enough we were getting under the bars.

Press and Push Press were the skill lifts of today and were tackled in a 5x5 and 5x3 format, respectively. Yes, we jumped right into these lifts - its more fun that way - and in any case, form was good and the lifts well executed. Power stance, full range of motion, lock out shoulder directly overhead.

Now it was time for the WOD (Workout of the Day). Turn up the trance.

WOD: Perform the Following for Time

50 Squats
50 Wall Ball
then... 40, 30, 20, 10

It's not an easy workout, and getting the hang of the Wall Ball requires practice, something this WOD well afforded, ha!

Dan Sly: 13.17
Dan Scott: 14.25
Ely: 15.40
Dan Smith: 17.46
Christian: DNF (due to some weird neck muscle twinge... he's alright)

Well Done! Really excited about the work that went into this session. Crossfit can be eye opening and overwhelming when thrown into the mix, Well Done, the next session may not be any easier - and may in fact be much harder - but you will be better prepared.

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