Thursday, January 14, 2010

13 January 2010 - Team WOD Chaos

Hands on the hips with long faces of Agony, Yes! Count it out, take a deep breathe and get right back to work!

So Wednesday, 13 January, marked the now second Crossfit workout for Kirkwood Rugby. I was very happy to see the gym seemingly almost reach a capacity with 13 ruggers making it out for the workout. It was a little chaotic yes, but as time goes on, I'll be able to figure out the programming and set up to better accommodate everyone. I was also equally pleased to see all those that came out Monday for our first workout (four of you) returned for more after what was a total Leg Drain workout. Perhaps it was a bit much for an intro WOD, but as you can see, even if a bit shaky, your still standing.

The format of this most recent workout followed the same format as last. Warm up, Stretch, Skill and WOD. For the skill everyone got their hands on the bar for some Deadlifts. This movement, as simple and slow as it may seem, is a pillar to developing power and explosive strength, and is a lift we will often work with in order to master the technique and and become vastly superior beings. Although we jumped into the lift rather quickly, I must stress that proper technique is critical to your safety as the load increase.

And now for the...

WOD: In Teams of Five or Four, Complete the Following for Time...

Ring Dips (sub w/Push Ups if necessary)
KBS (kettelbell swings)

Each team will have one member at each station complete thirty reps (or cals in the case of the rower). Once all team members have finished the reps at their station all team members rotate to the next station and complete thirty reps. Once the team has rotated through all stations they repeat doing 20 reps at each station, and then once more performing ten reps at each station.

I have to apologize, I messed up the timer deal so the finish times got skewed a bit, however The Dans were first to finish. Well Done!

Don't forget, first practice of the season is this Saturday, 10am @ Steger. See y'all back in the gym on Monday.

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