Monday, January 18, 2010

Rowing on the Rings!

Small group today, what gives... the school holiday is most definitely not an excuse.  For those of you that did make it out - Well Done - for today y'all tackled your first Crossfit Benchmark WOD Helen - She is a sweet thing! (If that link does not work for you... Get a Mac! or you can just google Crossfit and Helen and see what you get).

Pretty straight forward day for the most part; Some skill work on Front Squats (5x5) following a warm up and then...

WOD: Helen - Perform Three Rounds of the Following for Time

400m Run
21 KBS (#35)
12 Pullups (sub Ring Rows if necessary)

This workout is short but relentless; if you push yourself as you should, it will never let you breathe.  Think about this workout and your performance - how and where you can improve.  If you did all Ring Rows then next time throw in some Pullups.  If you did some Pullups then do more. Try a heavier Kettlebell.  Just remember that we all are starting at different levels of ability, some will have more strength at certain things and others at others, the only thing that really matters to our Team is that each session you push yourself a little more and improve.

Take Dustin R. and Dan W. for instance, after we wrapped things up they got themselves into a 500m Sprint Row competition.  Dustin was the challenger, and the challenger lost.  Better luck next time.

One last thing, after the session someone - I believe Coach Charlie - brought up the Paleo Diet which in short is the Eat Like a Caveman Diet.  I began a thirty day experiment with this just last week and I must say that so far I am pleased with it.  I will look to post something relevant on the topic soon, however, if you are interested in checking it out just google Paleo and you can quickly find a plethora of information and I can answer some questions at practice or the next time we meet.

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