Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20 January 2010 - Thrusters & Burpees

Left My Phone at the Gym so... Pictures Coming Soon!

Today was our biggest group yet, which is great, though it did cause a bit of confusion to start off.  I am experimenting a bit with the format and flow of class time due to the large numbers.  In the future we may have to break off into two separate groups - we'll figure that out this Saturday at training - as supposed to going in heats for the WODs - which actually worked out alright other than the down time while out of the current heat.  

Since we ran two separate heats for the WOD, today we got straight into the warm up, did a brief overview of the Front Squat & Push Press to lead into some Thruster practice and then hit the WOD.  We handled this WOD in two heats. 

WOD:  7 Rounds For Time

7 Thrusters 
7 Burpees

Scale as Necessary 

1st Heat: Ely 5:48, Christian 7:05, DScott 7.20, DustinR 8.26, DSly 9.25 #65, DWhite 9.05 #65

2nd Heat: Carrot 7.14, Daniel 8.45, Jorge 9.21 #65, Gummie 9.30, Dan? 9.40, Anthony 9.52, Mikey 10.16 #65, DanG 12:01 #65, DustinH 12.01#65

3rd Bonus Heat: DSly 5.47 

Unless otherwise noted, recorded weights for thrusters are #45 (empty bar).  Defined as the lowest weight WOD was finished at. 

Attention:  I do have two points to make; Y'all have been doing a great job so far, but for the future please consider the following...
  • Watch your shoes and don't track mud into the gym
  • Bring your own water or reusable container, paper cups are for emergencies only
These points come from the gym owners - which is not you and is not me - so lets keep them happy

Until next time!

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