Friday, October 17, 2008

18 October 2008

WOD: Posted on Crossfit HQ 05 October 2008

Five Rounds For Time of...

Deadlift 15 reps
Hang Power Clean 12 reps
Front Squat 9 reps
Push Jerk 6 reps

Load up one bar and go!
Rx weight is 135lbs, Scale as necessary

Steven: 19:10 (five rounds at 75#, forgot fourth round front squat set but made up for it during the fifth round)
Brett: 19:46  (seriously struggled during two rounds Rx, three rounds at 95#)
Sam: 25:13 (four rounds at 95#, one round at 75#)

That was a tough one, golf claps and a pound for everybody!

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