Tuesday, October 28, 2008

28 October 2008


4 Rounds of 500m Row & Run As Many Laps As Possible Between Splits

The rules for this are as follows...

- participants determine an order
- only one person is rowing at a time
- when the #1 person begins rowing, everyone else begins running
- when the #1 person finishes rowing 500m, he begins running and #2 begins rowing (#1 may not begin running until #2 begins rowing, is that fair? we'll discuss this rule on site)
- when #2 finishes rowing then #3 begins rowing and so forth until it comes back to #1

This continues until four rounds have been completed and everyone has rowed 2k. Everyone keeps running until the last person in the order has rowed the final 500m. This could get ugly, but I am excited to see how it goes.

Record Row Times & Number of Laps for each Split


Brett said...

What did you guys think of that one?

The recording of results did not go so well but oh well. I am pretty happy with that workout but maybe too much time in between rows.

36 total laps, and averaged about 1:45 per 500m row

11 laps is a mile just for reference.

Sam said...

35 laps. there was not enough oxygen in my brain to record splits.