Saturday, October 18, 2008

18 October 2008 - - Crossfit & Women!!!

Squating, Pressing, Slamming Weights, Sweating and sometimes Cursing...Pretty Manly Stuff. However, PC or not, nothing puts you in your place (or in heat) more than seeing a woman blow past you during a WOD. 

For Crossfit workouts, the movements and functionality do not change based on ability or gender.  Load and intensity are scaled to allow for full range of motion and familiarization throughout the workout.  Work it and get it done; next time set the bar higher and kick it up a notch.  

Check out the below videos from Crossfit HQ or just take a trip around to see some real women do some really awesome stuff... and look damn good doing it. 

Hang Squat Cleans & Pullups  (mac)  (pc)

Nasty Girls (despite name, content generally regarded as okay for public viewing)

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jgirl said...

great post. i know it has been up awhile but just came across it. keep it real! ~jgirl