Monday, November 3, 2008

03 November 2008

WOD: Angie

Complete the Following in order for Time...

100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps (no crunches)
100 Squats

Post performance to comments.

Substitute Jumping Pullips if necessary.

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Sam said...

We did this tonight.

I got there early. Did it in 34 minutes.

Steven's time I am not sure I trust because it seemed like the clock jumped forward about 10 minutes sometime during his set, he had to stop after about 50 squats cause his knee hurt. His time was a minimum of 35 minutes, maximum of 45 minutes.

Herbie arrived THIRTY MINUTES LATE and was lucky that we were still doing the sets. He did jumping pullups, knee push ups and finished in about 25 minutes. The pushups looked terrible.

Brett said...

good work!

First, get a stopwatch, those wall clocks are not to be trusted and are very difficult to read when you are delirious after a wod.

Second, Herbie you either need to make sure to show up on time or Sam make sure it's all being coordinated.

Steven why did your knee hurt? You have good form on the squats so just want to make sure it does not have to do with that.

Remember Herbie is new to all this so if the pushups are terrible, work it, Sam came along way quickly. Also another reason to show up on time and get some reps in during warmup and help from everyone.