Friday, November 14, 2008

14 November 2008 - - The Chief

WOD: 'The Chief'

Max Rounds in 3 Minutes of...

Power Clean 3 reps
Push Up 6 reps
Squat 9 reps

Rest 1 Minute.  Complete 5 Cycles or 3 Minutes of Work and 1 Minute of Rest.

Post number of rounds for each cycle. 

Rx weight for Power Clean is 135#, scale as necessary. 

Your gonna want a stopwatch for this one. 


Sam said...

steven and I worked out on wednesday.

Steven did filthy fifty and was defeated by the burpees.

I completed annie in 15 minutes. that one is pretty easy once you get the double unders down. first time really doing double unders and was able to consistently get 5 in a row before missing.

intend to do the lunges workout here in florida, substituting 400 lunges for the 4 laps. no way to do the power cleans here.

Brett said...

Sounds Good.

We'll have to make it a goal for December to finish the Filthy Fifty.

Yes those burpees are horrible but they do finish eventually.

Steve said...

I worked out all by myself!!

I did 5 cycles at 3 rounds of reps each. I did the powercleans at 95 pounds and the squats at 115. I took a 1 minute break between each cycle. It was intense at the end but i finished each cycle within 3 minutes.

What should i do for thursday?

Hope you guys are having a great time in Central America!