Tuesday, November 11, 2008

12 November 2008


4 Laps of Walking Lunges for Time

Post time and number of paces

During warm up work in a good number of handstand pushups or handstand holds

There is no internet connection at the house in San Salvador, so that is why I have been out of the matrix for awhile.  In Ahuachapan today, back in the matrix. 

Steven Congratulations on the bar test and I hope that everything went well!

BTW, how was the wall ball push up wod, I am curious what the suck factor on that is?

Also, the following in fact only may be of interest to Steven but Crossfit St. Charles, which happens to be located in a Gymnastics facility will be holding all day Gymnastics workshop on 23 November 2008.  Cost is $60/person.  It will go over basics of ring training, tumbling, handstands, rope climbs, ect.  Steven, if you are at all interested let me know and I can send you more info. 


Sam said...

on monday, steven completed michael in 25 minutes. I attempted filthy fifty again and made it through the burpees before burning out. It took me ten minutes just to do the burpees.

hard to remember much about the wall ball workout with filthy fifty still fresh in my mind.

4 laps of walking lunges going to be hell.

Brett said...

Great that you took another shot at the Filthy, but that Filthy Fifty has become your nemesis.

However progress was made from last time and that is what matters.

Yes, after those lunges, avoid situations where you may have to climb stairs, stand up, or use your legs; HAha, its really not that bad.