Wednesday, November 5, 2008

05 November 2008


For Time Complete the Following...


Deadlift 185#
Pull Ups
Push Press 95#

Scale as necessary

Post time and performance to comments

Tomorrow I leave for El Salvador until the 5th of December

Today I shot an 86 at Torrey Pines!


Sam said...

This workout sucked following angie. For friday lets have something that doesnt involve pullups.

Herbie only arrived about 15 minutes late this time, so thats some improvement. He did 75 lb deadlift, 45 lb push press, and jumping pullups in 18 minutes.

Steven did 145 lb deadlift, 75 lb push press in just under 16 minutes.

I did it Rx in just under 16 minutes.

congratulations on the good round at torrey pines, will you have something for us for friday?

Brett said...

Haha, okay no pullups for Friday. Well done with the required Sam!